Use Tinder To Swipe Right On Puppies This Super Bowl Sunday

Use Tinder To Swipe Right On Puppies This Super Bowl Sunday

Have you ever wished for their to be an option on Tinder for men to explicitly mention if they have a dog or not? Sure, it’s easy enough to include on their profile pictures — but it’s never a sure thing of whether or not the adorable pooch is actually his, a stranger’s, or — possibly the worst — his ex-girlfriend’s. I mean, going all the way to a guy’s house to Netflix and chill is one thing, but going over to a guy’s house to pay more attention to his dog than him is a completely different, better, alternative.

While Tinder still hasn’t taken my advice of including dog ownership as one of the basic, mandatory questions, there’s still a way for you to swipe right on something adorable (for once!) this weekend. Tinder has teamed up with the ASPCA for a one-time only event, that is everything you could have dreamed of.

Instead of pretending to be engaged in watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, you can tune into the Puppy Bowl, at 3p.m, EST. The puppy bowl features adorable, adoptable puppies, that participate in a miniature football stadium — it’s cute enough to make your heart melt. During he Puppy Bowl and the Super Bowl, you can swipe right on the puppies that are included in the games. While (unfortunately) this feature doesn’t let you arrange to meet up and take the puppy home that night, it does take you to a page for the ASPCA, which encourages you to make donations to their cause, which will ultimately find these dogs a good home.

Seriously… how could you ever swipe left to these adorable little angels?

If the Puppy Bowl and seeing the dogs on Tinder convinces you to become a dog mom yourself, you can visit the ASPCA’s website to find a list of puppies and kittens that are available and in your area!

It looks like the dreaded Super Bowl has officially been saved. Instead of looking forward to eating enough chicken wings to make your jeans not fit, and pretending to be interested in a bunch of men tackling each other in spandex, you can now relax, sit back, and save some dogs. Maybe by this time next year, you’ll have your own dog to dress up in a jersey and celebrate the football game with — let’s be honest, they’ll definitely be better company than any man screaming at the television and becoming too invested in the game.

Personally, my plans for Sunday just got a lot better.

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