Wearing Rihanna’s New Makeup Line Won’t Make You As Cool As Rihanna

Wearing Rihanna's New Makeup Line Won't Make You As Cool As Rihanna

Look, if you’ve never wished that you were Rihanna, you’re only lying to yourself. Not only is she gorgeous, but she has that “cool-girl” vibe that I will never be able to achieve. Trust me, I own a pair of her furry Fenty flip flops; I bought into their fantastic marketing campaign after seeing how cool she looked on them. But, unlike Rihanna, my preppy ass can’t just rock any trend, and in these white, fluffy, sandals, I look less NYFW, and more like I came from a Barbie – Dreamhouse inspired spa.

While you might never achieve her unattainable aesthetic, the Queen of Cool is about to make your goal of somewhat resembling her slightly more attainable. Over the past week, the star has teased that her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, is finally becoming a reality. In this day and age, it’s common knowledge that a celebrity fashion/beauty/lifestyle brand only becomes official when it has its own Instagram page.

#FentyBeauty by #Rihanna dropping this fall. Stay tuned for more.

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Yesterday, the singer debuted her first product during a Fenty x Puma runway show: a holographic lip product. Following with the beauty trend of the year that “everything goes,” we can expect that Rihanna’s brand will cash in on every basic bitch’s desire to be unique compared to the other ten girls in the room with a LV Speedy bag and a nude-toned Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. After all, nothing screams “look at me” quite like glittery, colour-changing lips.

In the world of competing celebrity beauty brands (*cough*Kylie*cough*), let’s hope that Rihanna stands out. My father might kill me if I charge one more nude lipstick to my credit card (there’s some merit to him thinking that they all look the same), and my makeup collection is starting to look like an extreme coupon-ers stocked up on identical products when they went on sale. Lets hope that the Fenty Beauty line gives our day-to-day beauty routine a bit of a change; as I’m hoping it could persuade at least one person a day to stop calling me a basic bitch.

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