“Weed Tampons” Are A Thing You Need In Your Life (And Vagina)

weed tampon

I’ve never smoked pot. Call me a buzz kill, but it just never seemed like a good idea to me. It smells like a skunk, looks like a foreign health food, and makes you eat everything in sight. Naturally, I am suspicious. But I may just have to change my mind. Foria, a company that specializes in marijuana products, has officially released cannabis vaginal suppositories. So in layman’s terms, they have made weed tampons.

The company claims that these magical tampons help to reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramps. And while marijuana has been used to help period pain before, the close proximity of the product to the actual uterus and ovaries makes it much more effective. According to their website, these vaginal inserts have a blend of CBD and THC, the chemicals in marijuana responsible for the sense of relaxation you get after smoking.

And because I can read your minds, ya freaks, the answer is no. These tampons don’t get you high. From what I’ve read in the reviews section, it sounds like the product gets your uterus high but doesn’t affect your mind all too much. One user reported that while she “had been painfully aware of every inch of my midsection, suddenly it felt as though I had no midsection at all.” Yes, please.

A quick look at Foria’s website reveals that the products, which cost $44 dollars for four doses (*sob*), are only available in California and Colorado (*double sob*). And if menstrual cramps aren’t a concern for you, the company also sells marijuana lube. BRB, booking my ticket to the west coast.

[via Cosmopolitan, Foria]

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