What Your Sorority Letters Say About You


You love your sorority, but more importantly, you love people knowing that you’re in a sorority. The way that you wear your letters, regardless of what they actually are, speaks volumes about the way that you want to be portrayed as a sorority women. If you love glitter, pink, Lilly Pulitzer and everything that embraces the stereotype of the “sorority girl,” all the power to you. It’s your dream in life to one day reenact the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle Woods meets a sister at the hair salon and the two of them break out into the Delta Nu cheer in front of everyone. It’s logical that the more often you wear your letters, the more likely you are to one day be recognized as a sister, and experience this movie-magic moment for yourself.

Whether you live in letters, or let them live in the back of your closet, never to be seen by the light of day (or by a frat boy), they inevitably reveal a lot about you.

1. Lilly Pulitzer Letters

You’ve been preparing yourself to join a sorority since middle school. Legally Blonde inspired an embarrassing amount of your life decisions, and whenever anyone asks what you want to do with your life, you respond “be Elle Woods” (duh!). You’re on your sorority’s executive council, you’re dating a guy from the best frat, and you go all out in your costumes for each and every weekly themed mixer. How do you stay organized? By writing it all down in your Lilly Pulitzer journal which more than likely matches your sweater.

2. Holiday Letters

Over half of your wardrobe is letters. You’re positive that no one from your 9am lecture has seen you in anything other than letters. You sometimes lay awake at night worried about what you’re going to do with all of your sorority clothing when your parents inevitably stop paying your rent and you’re forced to downsize into your own apartment. Maybe you could just pile them and use them as a bed? Sure, your mother was upset when you ruined the first family Christmas card by skipping over the formal wear for candy-cane striped letters, but she just doesn’t get it.

3. Tie-Dye Letters

You describe your sorority as the “fun” one on campus. There’s a good chance that your recruitment video was shot on a beach to an EDM song and involved pizza somehow. You spend three hours getting ready for a frat party only to drink warm beer from a keg while the guy that you perfected your “my hair naturally falls like this” curls for ignores you for his fifth game of beer pong. But you totally don’t care. Really, you’re cool. You love beer.

4. American Letters

You are just so patriotic. You’re not sure what you love more, your country or how cute you look wrapped up in red, white and blue. Your hair is more than likely blonde, and you can name at least five country singers so that you can pretend that you’re into country music. You fit the all-American girl role so well that no one would ever be able to guess that you slamming back tequila shots at the bar the night before.

5. Plain Letters

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You love your sorority. Really. It looks so good on your résumé. Your big gives you the best study notes, and you have access to volunteering at the best charities just by dropping your sorority’s name. You don’t remember the last frat party you went to, and to be honest, you can’t name half of the new members. The plain letters that you got when you first joined are still sitting pristinely in the back of your closet; and you don’t need any more. It’s not like you’re going to wear them once you get to grad school anyway.

6. Glitter Letters

You used to be the type of girl who wore Lilly Pulitzer letters… but then something happened. That something was college. Slowly but surely your daily blonde skinny latte from Starbucks was replaced with a vodka-cran, and the frat boy that you thought was going to be your boyfriend turned out to be a f*ckboy (but, for unknown reasons, you continued to fuck him anyway). You intend on staying in painting your nails, getting ahead on homework and gossiping about boys with your roommates, but somehow always end up at the club. Maybe next time.

7. Baseball Tee Letters

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Your sorority isn’t just the “fun” one on campus, you’re the “anti-sorority” on campus. During recruitment you let all of the PNMs know that you’re “not like the other sororities on campus.” You’re just so chill, cool, and “not a sorority girl” that you can’t bring yourself to wear a basic, tight v-neck like the rest of us, and opt for a looser, more casual baseball tee instead. Its probably no surprise that I’ve never been called “chill” in my life, so I’m unclear of whether these girls actually use these shirts to play baseball, or just wear them around frat boys while they talk about how much they “love sports.”

8. Not-Your Letters

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The ultimate shack shirt. [] Greek or not, you earned this – who cares what the letters actually look like?

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