Which Sorority Stereotypes Are Actually True


I have mixed feelings about stereotyping. Sure, the jokes are usually funny for anyone, but sometimes it is offensive. Sometimes the line is kind of hard to see. When it doesn’t apply to you, we typically believe there’s more give. But when the same thing is applied to us, suddenly we’re victims. Instead of possessing the ability to laugh at ourselves, we just bitch about how ignorant it is, as if that wasn’t the basis of the joke.

And I get it. Some things, like misogyny, aren’t funny. But some things, like being teased for conforming to a cult-like obsession with the Kardashians, kind of is. At the end of the day, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. We actively fight the derogatory ones, and then beam with pride at the ones that give us a good name. Either way, changing yourself to fit or not fit a stereotype is ridiculous. Because when it comes to sorority life, stereotypes are somewhat unavoidable. And sometimes that is not really a bad thing.

So here are some that I have taken the liberty of deciding once and for all if they are true.

“Daddy” Pays For Everything

Why it’s relevant: Sorority dues are high and don’t cover everything. Besides paying for formal, there’s the dress, the cooler, the alcohol, the Plan B (jk, sort of). Shit adds up.

How it’s applicable: I will be the first to admit I come from money. It is not something I advertise, but I refuse to feel ashamed of it either. However, while my parents are more than generous in paying for my schooling and helping out with bills, I know that I don’t act like a spoiled brat. When people scoff at my spray tan and manicure, I remind them that I work 45 hours a week to pay for my extravagant lifestyle, not from my parents’ wallets. Exactly how I know girls that use their parents like an ATM, and I know girls who work really fucking hard for scholarships and for their own money.

Is it valid?: I’m going to say no. It is valid for girls who already have their parents support, and would have it regardless of their sorority. Is it entitled? Maybe, but in the same way every club ever that has dues is entitled.

Sorority Girls Are Southern

Why it’s relevant: Historically, Greek life meant old money, southern college students.

How it’s applicable: Recruitment sucks. But recruitment means something a whole lot different for a liberal college in the west than it does to a historic school in the south. That being said, sisters are sisters. And it’s not like you develop an accent the moment you get initiated. Buuuuut you still got to have mad respect for tradition.

Is it valid?: Southern sorority girls are southern. That’s it. But Greek life is a big deal everywhere.

Crafting Is More Professional Than A Hobby

Why it’s relevant: Paddles, t-shirt designs, coolers, even our fucking nails are complete works of art.

How it’s applicable: It is statistically impossible for every member to be an amazing artist. Personally, I peaked in kindergarten when it was still acceptable for my parents to tell me my lopsided stick figures were good. But that being said, somehow everything presented looks like it belongs on Pinterest.

Is it valid?: Yes. Sorority girls may not all have natural talent, but you better believe nothing will be sub par. What is lacking in ability is made up for in pride and determination. It will be painted and repainted until it is perfect.

Sorority Girls Want A Ring By Spring

Why it’s relevant: Bitches be crazy. Guys are assholes. But for some reason locking that fuckboy down is the ultimate accomplishment.

How it’s applicable: Look, going off of personal experience, “ring by spring” is more of a secretly-wanted joke, not something actually sought after. If it were, I would be actively sucking up to potential suitors instead of avoiding guy #5 of my roster in the day light. However, when I do catch the feels, I cling to his dick like its the anecdote to my crazy.

Is it valid?: Yes, kind of. We’re too smart to actually try to lock ourselves down before we experience the world and start a career, but that’s not to say we don’t want something by spring. A boyfriend, a call back, or literally any form of commitment will suffice.

I hoped that cleared some things up for you. Maybe now you’ll better appreciate our individuality. As for me? I’m going to eat my Chipotle and watch Gossip Girl.

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