Woman Arrested For Burning What She Thought Was Her Ex’s Car


This story is all-around unfortunate. You have to figure that anyone crazy enough to set fire to a car is fully aware that there’s a good chance they’ll suffer some hefty legal consequences, which tells me that they’re crazy enough to risk jail time for the thrill of watching someone they know suffer. Unnecessary, if you ask me. There are plenty of legal ways to get back at someone you hate, none of which involve feeding flames in close proximity to a gas tank.

So yeah. There are a number of ways to deal with an ex-boyfriend, but burning down a complete and total stranger’s car is probably the most ineffective one. Carmen Chamblee, a 19-year-old woman from Florida, is facing second-degree arson charges for setting fire to a car that she believed to be her ex’s. Which is depressing, really, when you consider the fact that she went through all that trouble for nothing.

Lucky for us, the whole thing was caught on tape. So if you are planning on setting your ex’s car ablaze, which is not exactly something I recommend, now you have a basic idea of what you’re dealing with, both legally and methodically.

Shoutout to the poor son of a bitch whose car burned to the ground for no reason. Let this be a lesson to everyone: distinguishing bumper stickers are your friend. Could this be the reason so many sorority girls decide to display monograms on their back windshields?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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