Yik Yak Founders Screwing Fraternity Brother Out Of The Company Is The Only Thing That Will Make You Hate The App More Than You Already Did


Yik Yak fucking sucks. It’s the worst thing to come to college campuses since Chacos. Yik Yak allows people to post to an anonymous bulletin board that anyone within a 1.5 mile radius can see. Naturally, it took off at college campuses. The three creators, Tyler Droll, Brooks Buffington, and Douglas Warstler, were Kappa Alphas at Furman University. Buffington was Warstler’s big brother within the fraternity, and he was described by Warstler as one of his best friends. So why, now, is Warstler suing Yik Yak?

Warstler filed a lawsuit Monday morning alleging that he was forced out of the company that they created, Locus Engineering, and that the other two then hired lawyers to completely dissolve their company and, by extension, any involvement he had in Yik Yak. Warstler provided bank statements for the company with his name on them, text messages and emails, and business records that listed him as a partner in the company as proof of his involvement.

Yik Yak became available to the public in November 2013 and spread like wildfire around college campuses. Only a month later, Buffington began trying to buy Warstler out of the company. When Warstler refused, Buffington spoke to his parents, and shortly thereafter, Warstler got the news that he was being cut from the project. “My parents know how much Brooks and I have riding on making this succeed, so they want everyone to be fully committed. We are also going to have a lot of expenses going forward. We don’t want to be coming to you for money and signatures when we are trying to get stuff done,” Buffington said.

Since Warstler was removed from the company, it has accumulated $11.5 million from investors and is looking at another $75 million coming in soon. It’s easy to see why Warstler would be pissed. I can’t say that murder wouldn’t cross my mind if someone cheated me out of a multimillion dollar company. This is just another reason to hate Yik Yak, as if the shit-talking and people begging for sex on it weren’t enough already.

[via Gawker]

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