You Shouldn’t Judge A Girl Who Has A Lot Of Guy Friends

Why You Shouldn’t Judge A Girl Who Has A Lot Of Guy Friends

I can’t help but notice in almost every article about “which girls to stay away from,” guys always mention that girls with a lot of guy friends are red flagged for being crazy. They say we have run off all our girl friends and eat packages of hot dogs in one sitting.

I am a personal testament that these stereotypes just aren’t true (although I do love hot dogs). There are many factors that guys don’t take into consideration. I’m going to break it down for you, so you’ll feel less judged, and for them, because their peanut brains can’t come to logical conclusions on their own.

I would have considered myself a popular person in college. I was in sorority, on an athletic team, and very involved in my major. It’s easy to have a lot of girl friends when you’re in a sorority and spend countless hours a day with your teammates. But the truth is, real life isn’t a sorority house or a locker room.

As I get older, I find myself having fewer meaningful relationships. I stay in contact with a couple of my close girl friends from school, but we live in different states and have different lives, so it’s not like I can call them up on the weekends for a GNO.

What I find about the girls in my hometown, is that at our age, a lot of young women are consumed with their boyfriends. Not all, but most. I had two best girlfriends, both of which now have boyfriends, and never ask me to hang out anymore. When they do ask me to hang out, it’s with them and their boyfriends, who I don’t think are particularly fun. Also they make out approximately 100 times in a sitting. So excuse me, boys, for not wanting to hang out with them.

I’ve found that being friends with guys is a lot easier. They don’t talk about drama, they aren’t obsessed with relationships, and they don’t only talk to you when they have relationship problems. They want to hang out, have fun and do stupid stuff. Who doesn’t like to do that?

Another point these articles always make is that “a girl with a lot of guy friends means all the guys want to have sex with her.” OKAY. WHO’S FAULT IS THAT!? MINE!? BECAUSE I BREATHE AND HAVE A VAGINA!? Nothing is dumber than this logic. Guys want to have sex with pretty much everything, but that doesn’t mean they can have sex with everything. I have a lot of guy friends, and I’ve never even as much as kissed any of them. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with them?

I’ve found that the guys I chose to hang out with are respectful, protective, and fun. Sounds like good qualities of a friend to me, so who cares whether they are male or female? My friends care about me and my life, and we never talk about their dicks. Is your mind blown?

So if you’re a girl with a lot of guy friends, be proud of who you are. It’s 2016, isn’t slut shaming so three seasons of The Bachelor ago? And to the dudes who are jealous of girls who aren’t afraid to be themselves and be friends with whoever they want: go choke on a hot dog.

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