Being A Bitch Makes You Smart


It’s the reason we never have boyfriends. The reason we sometimes make our friends cry. The reason most people are scared of us when they meet us.

We’re sarcastic bitches. And finally, science is here to tell us what we’ve know all the long: we’re the best.

According to a recent study by Harvard Business school and published by Science Direct, sarcasm makes you smart and creative. Or being smart and creative makes you sarcastic. Either way, it’s good news for us.

Basically, the smarties over at Harvard put people into three groups, the bitches, the genuines, and the normals. They made them all talk to each other and then completed tasks to test their creativity (pretty sure it was painting a cooler, but that has yet to be confirmed). It turned out, the people who said harsh, mean, witty comments were far more creative than the other two groups of people.

From Popular Science:

They [the researchers] think that sarcasm may lead to greater cognitive function because in order to understand and convey a sarcastic comment, the brain uses creative thinking. This was true for both the person giving out the sarcastic comments as well as for those who were receiving them.

So what all this mumbo jumbo means is that you’re right and everyone else is wrong. Being a “bitch,” as people who don’t get our sense of humor like to call us, is awesome. Keep sarcastically telling people that you’re having a good time. When relatives ask what you’re doing with your life, keep insisting that you’re “curing cancer while simultaneously getting drunk off of $5 wine every night.” And when your mom asks why you’re single, you can continue to tell her that it’s because “you’re just too pretty and all of the boys are scared of you.”

What? It’s not your fault you’re so creative.

[via Science Direct, Popular Science, Bustle]

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Rachel Varina

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