So Apparently Canned Pumpkin Isn’t Even Pumpkin At All

pumpkin cupcakes

This week marked the first official day of fall, so like literally every other girl on the planet, you dusted off your Uggs, went to the store, and bought approximately 72 cans of pumpkin to begin making absurd Pinterest concoctions immediately. From cookies to donuts to cinnamon rolls, you only have two months in the kitchen to bake pumpkin-flavored goods to your heart’s content until it’s time to replace all of your baking supplies with mint and white chocolate. In your mad rush to create every pumpkin dessert you could possibly dream of, you might have overlooked one tiny detail — whether the pumpkin puree you’re using to achieve your Pinterest goals is even pumpkin at all.

As it turns out, the canned pumpkin puree you’ve been using to bake with this entire time is actually 0% pumpkin and 100% — wait for it — squash. I’m not kidding. Libby’s pumpkin puree, the one most commonly found in grocery stores and the producer of 85% of America’s canned pumpkin has been lying to us THIS ENTIRE TIME. Apparently, the consistency of real pumpkin is too stringy and watery – just think about what you pull out of the inside of a pumpkin the next time you carve one — so it doesn’t actually make a great puree for baking. What does? Winter squash. Canned pumpkin – you know, that literally claims it’s 100% pumpkin on the can – is actually just a combination of winter squashes.

Surprise, surprise – all this time, you’ve been thinking how much you love pumpkin when you haven’t consumed one bite of pumpkin at all. You’ve been eating squash this entire time. Squash spiced lattes, squash cheesecake, and squash waffles were going to be your staples over the next two months, but suddenly, it just doesn’t seem that appealing anymore. I mean, who can even get that excited about a squash anyway? Thanks to Libby’s, my fall is officially ruined, because there is no chance I’m going to spend the next two months constantly eating something that sounds as healthy as a squash. I guess I’ll just fill up on chile mochas instead and pray that Christmas season arrives as soon as possible.

[via Food and Wine]

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