Cop Arrests Street Musician After Reading Law That Permits Him To Play And Then Hitting Him In The Face With His Guitar

There are some people out there who feel safer when there are cops around. Generally, I'd say that's a good way to feel, but sometimes, cops just make me nervous. When I'm driving, I feel like they're out to get me. When I'm drinking, even though I've been of legal age for years, I feel like they're out to get me. I feel like they see young people (and anyone with a car) as adversaries -- however baseless that feeling may be -- so I view them as the bad guys. Even though they're the good guys! The most good, some might argue. Their jobs are to serve and protect -- not to go on witch hunts and wrongfully arrest people for doing things they're allowed to do, right? Unless you're a street (subway) musician in New York City, of course. The man in this video seems like a peaceful hippy, and no matter your feelings on hippies, they have rights, and I enjoy their music. Someone recorded this man being harassed and arrested by a cop for playing his music in the subway, which, as the cop himself read, the musician is legally allowed to do. Shit ain't right.

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