Pottery Barn’s “Harry Potter” Line Is Magical AF

Pottery Barn's "Harry Potter" Line Is Magical AF

On my 11th birthday, I waited all day for my Hogwarts letter to arrive. I know, I know. I was a fucking nerd, you don’t need to tell me. And even at 11, I knew I was too old for that shit. I mean, logically, I *knew* that ole Dumbledore wasn’t going to invite me to a wizard school and I wasn’t going to get into magical shenanigans with my two BFFs.

But, and here’s the but, a teeny tiny part of me hoped it would happen. Hell, a tiny part of me still hopes it will happen. Because even though we all grew up, moved out of our parents’ houses, and started ordering our Butterbeer with a side of whiskey, we never fully outgrew Harry Potter. That shit lives on in us forever.

Luckily, one company realized that the secret to any 20-something Harry Potter fan’s heart is creating Instagram-worthy items that will literally rake in the likes. Sure, it’s from Pottery Barn’s pimply little sister PBTeen. BUT that doesn’t mean if you buy from them you’ll have to get braces or deal with getting your first period all over again. Because some of their stuff? Is fucking magical.

While sure, the odds of you throwing a Gryffindor bedspread on your twin XL sounds like social suicide (don’t get me wrong, I support the move), there are some subtly nerdy pieces that are pure Pinterest gold.

Golden Snitch Clock
Image via PBTeen

Like this clock that will casually remind everyone that snitches get bitches and/or stitches.

Mirror of erised
Image via PBTeen

Or this elaborate Mirror of Erised replica that secretly holds all of your jewelry. And yes, it will show you what you truly want when you look in it: Yourself, looking fine AF.

Flying Key PBTeen
Image via PBTeen

How about these flying key jewelry holders that will subtly tell everyone you know what book these are from, and that you also enjoy a gold aesthetic.

Gold bed PBTeen
Image via PBTeen

Or this gold canopy fit for a GD queen.

Gold Candles PBTeen
Image via PBTeen

Finally, these gold, flameless candles, because Dorm Room 101: You can’t get caught with have open flames. But you also don’t want those overhead lights on when you kick your roomie out for some one-on-one time with a special guest. Because, you know, nothing says “hot sex” like some Harry Potter mood lighting.

Now, if you’d like to go full-on dork, there’s plenty of house-related items (calling all Ravenclaws) for you to spend your galleons on. But, if you’re looking for a casual way to prove your love of Potter without risking your reputation, these gold pieces might just be the key. Literally.

[via PBTeen]

Image via Instagram

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