Did Taylor Swift Get A Boob Job? (Pictures)

Taylor Swift

Another day, another story about tits. And fine, *maybe* Kylie’s body really is just that perfect. I guess I can accept that. But when noted skinny girl, Taylor Swift, appears to have some new honkers well, I’ve had enough.

We all have friends that are prettier, curvier, and sexier than us. But T’s squad is literally all VS Angels. There’s no denying that Taylor’s slender body is sexy, but I could totally understand where she thinks she’s lacking. And to be honest, I have NO problem with her getting a little enhancement. What I do have a problem with, however, is not walking out of the doctor’s office screaming, “WELL IF YOU THOUGHT I WAS HOT BEFORE!” Because I, for one, would suddenly become a nudist if I got a perfect new set.

Taylor used to be the poster child for every girl who was too skinny to fit the modern “sexy” body type. She was the girl we had on our side when our boyfriends fought over if they were a boob man or an ass man because we literally didn’t have either. Still, all the power to you, Taylor. If you really did bite the bullet and upgrade your chest, then I hope you flaunt it like it’s everybody’s business.

The best part about this whole ordeal, however, is that people are now speculating that Taylor is actually just using new boo, Tom Hiddleston, as a prop to distract from her new chest. Which may be the biggest burn to date. According to Elite Daily, people have completely given up on the idea of them being a real couple. First, they thought it was a dig at Calvin, then that it was merely a publicity stunt, and now it’s so people look at anything other than her growing chest.

No word from my man Calvin on whether or not he’s pissed Taylor waited until they split to upgrade, but I’m pretty sure he’s peeved he didn’t get to at least cop a feel.

[via Elite Daily]

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