“The Bachelor Winter Games” Is A Real Show That’s Happening Alongside The Olympics

"The Bachelor Winter Games" Is A Real Show That's Happening Alongside The Olympics

Who doesn’t love a good competition? There’s nothing better after a long day of proving that you’re better than every other bitch around than settling down and watching some fellow bitches do the exact same thing. I hate to call the Bachelor Nation series a guilty pleasure — there’s nothing better than watching a group of adults with fake jobs fight over one meh-like adult, while being forced to live with each other, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I give credit to the producers of the show, I couldn’t think of a more hostile environment to put some already-questionable people into. Not only is it more entertaining than most of the other scripted shows on TV; but you could argue even that its an educational program. Trust me, without the inspiration of Corinne, I would have no idea what to do if I were ever in the dire situation of wanting to steal another girl’s formal date, which is very important information to have… just in case.

Get ready for some more education… or at least entertainment. Bachelor Nation is expanding its franchise just in time for those of you who have already forgotten about Rachel finding love. Inspired by the Winter Olympics, “The Bachelor Winter Games” in a spin-off show where contestants will compete in various challenges.

Similar to “Bachelor in Paradise,” this show will feature past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants that are guaranteed to be some of your old favorites, described as “arch rivals” and “villains.” While the only physical activity we saw some of these reality stars participate in during their stints on their respective series was during their time in the Fantasy Suite; during TBWG, contestants will engage in “winter-themed athletic challenges.” If these stars are as competitive athletically as they are romantically, this is sure to get interesting.

Of course, any Bachelor spinoff is nothing without some aspect of love. Equipped with the corny tagline of competing in “the toughest sport of all — love,” you’re guaranteed to still see more romancing and backstabbing than running and basketball (don’t judge me — I’m so un-athletic, can only name an alarmingly few number of sports). Don’t worry – your beloved franchise isn’t going to force you to pretend to like sports one more second longer than you have to.

TBWG is scheduled to air at the same time as the actual Winter Games; which is unfortunate for all the boyfriends out there, who will now only be able to “check the score” during your commercial breaks.

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