The Inner Monologue Of An Active During Recruitment As Told By Gifs

Day Three: Skit

1:30 p.m.: Our skit is perfect. Look at all of them laughing it up. “Mean Girls” parody, classic. Hold up–where is my rush crush? I think I feel the walls closing in around me. My world is crumbling down, and now I’m the face of dispair and dismay. I give up. There is no point in living. Where did I go wrong?


3 p.m.: I think I could perform this skit as a one woman show by now. I mean, I know every single line. I just have to keep laughing like it’s not the twentieth time I’ve heard the punchline. I need to forget about the most perfect rush crush there ever was and hold it together.


 4 p.m.: Spotted: rush crush looking adorable as ever. Miracles do happen–and look, she’s even laughing! She likes us! She really, really likes us!


9 p.m.: How can tomorrow be pref night already? That means one thing: major cuts. I imagine this is what fantasy football is like? Like, time to pick the dream team. All of these little angels are all so perfect, so how are we supposed pick? It’s going to be a looooong night.


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