Here’s A Terrifying Walkthrough Of The “American Horror Story” Haunted House (Video)

American Horror Story Haunted House Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night

This season of “American Horror Story” has already caused us more stress than normally expected from a scary show that keeps us up at night. From fake teasers to not knowing the theme to promises of all of the seasons being tied together and a
huge twist during episode six of this season, I’ve definitely lost a few years off of my life thanks to creator Ryan Murphy.

But just in case you’re a total masochist, there’s now an “American Horror Story” themed haunted house at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. At both locations in Orlando and Los Angeles, you can walk through a house that makes all of our “AHS” nightmares come to life. But in case you can’t hop on a plane to walk through our favorite haunted house, asylum, coven, freakshow, and hotel (or in my case, if you move away from Orlando a mere year before “AHS” finally gets a haunted house) here’s a video of the haunted house, as if your FOMO wasn’t bad enough already.

Maybe it’s for the best that I can’t attend. I’m bound to have a few sleepless nights thanks to that video and those clowns, so I can’t imagine what going through the *actual* haunted house would be like. Still, if the scareactor who plays Evan Peters is single, don’t be afraid to reach out. I’m sure my boyfriend would understand. Maybe.

[via Theme Park Review h/t UNILAD]

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