Corinne, From The Bachelor, Reveals Cheese Pasta Recipe

Cheese Pasta

Corinne Olympios, from this season’s The Bachelor, just revealed the information that every fan of the show has been sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting to hear… the recipe to her nanny, Raquel’s, infamous cheese paste.

During week three of the show, Corinne revealed to other contestants that, at 24 years old, she still has a nanny; securing herself as the girl that we all love to hate on the show. After seeing the other girl’s looks of disbelief that the girl who attempted to seduce Nick dressed in a flasher’s trench coat and armed with whipped cream, had Nick “Janet Jackson” her boobs, and pushed her way into the first kiss of the season was unable to care for herself at a level above the average toddler; Corinne went on to reveal what her nanny really does (which TBH, doesn’t make it much better). “She makes sure that my bed is made every morning, makes my cucumber and my vegetable slices for lunch. It makes her happy, and I’m not going to stop a woman’s happiness.”

I mean, if I was able to afford to hire someone to run my life and treat me like a princess, I would. However, I would call said person a “personal assistant,” “maid” or “mother I paid for” to avoid the obvious connotations that goes along with being 24 and having a nanny.

Raquel’s biggest responsibility while tending to Corinne? Making her cheese pasta. “I have tried many times to make cheese pasta, and I can’t make cheese pasta like her!” It’s safe to say that this dish isn’t a dish that you would find at one of the fancy restaurants that you only go to when your parents offer to take you for dinner. Instead, its probably very similar to the 99 cent box of mac and cheese you drunkenly ate every night of freshman year.

Corinne, however, isn’t your average girl with knowledge of average foods like mac and cheese. She excitedly told Us Weekly, “Cheese pasta is my number-one comfort food. I eat it when I’m sad or when I’m sick or just want to cheat my diet a bit. It’s my weakness.” She selflessly revealed the secret recipe that Raquel uses when making her this delicacy:

1. Boil pasta for 10 minutes (add some salt to water).

2. Strain out all water.

3. Add pasta back to pot, keeping it on low heat.

4. Add a lot of shredded cheese.

5. Mix until all the cheese melts.

Side note: no salt with cheese.

Riveting, right? Now obviously we couldn’t expect her to give away all of the information of the recipe, such as times and quantities; after all she’s very busy running her father’s multi-million business and showing the world her engagement ring.

If she doesn’t find true love with Nick, she could consider publishing a cookbook. Alternatively, she could start a cooking show with Raquel – that is definitely something that I would tune in for.

[via Us Weekly]

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