Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection Is S’Fab

Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection Is S'Fab

Summer is here, which means it’s time for summer makeup… specifically Kylie Cosmetics summer makeup. While to the untrained, un-Kardashian eye, it may not seem necessary to have new makeup every season, but trust me, you’ll never be a Kylie without it. Get rid of your passé Valentine’s Day and Holiday collections to make room for your new summer necessities.

In all honesty, this collection is pretty cute, and definitely can provide you with a one-stop shop if you’re wanting to achieve a beachy, bronzed summer look. In usual Kylie fashion, the youngest Jenner sister released her entire collection over her Snapchat, without giving fans and consumers much notice and time to get ready for the big drop. All of the products will be available on June 15th at 3pm PST, so let’s hope that you get your paycheck before then!

The collection will include the following items:

Three Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters

These loose pigments are perfect for anyone who loves to glow to the gods and gets insulted whenever anyone suggests that they’re wearing too much highlighter. This new product and formula will come in the shade Tahiti, a rose gold, Santorini, a bright silver, and Fiji, a true, classic gold.

One Lip Kit

No Kylie Collection would be complete without the product that started it all… the Lip Kit. Kylie obviously decided to take a walk on the wild side with this kit, June Bug, a very vibrant violet color. This shade definitely isn’t something that you would expect to see on any of the Kardashian sisters on a day-to-day basis, but it’s perfect for Kylie Cosmetics lovers who are sick of having what seems like a hundred nude shades (let’s be honest, they’re actually starting to all look the same).

Take Me On Vacation Palette

This palette is the “traditional” KyShadow palettes that only contain nine pans, and similar to her Royal Peach Palette, containing 16 shades, a mirror and a double ended generic brush. The palette contains a good mix of everyday, browns, neutrals and pops of color (that may go perfectly with your June Bug Lip Kit), as well as what seems like just slightly more matte shades than shimmer shades. The name “Take Me On Vacation” is appropriate for this palette, since, with its wide range of colors, it actually may be the only palette you need to take with you on vacation (so you have a better chance of not paying additional fees for overweight baggage this time!).

Two Send Me More Nudes Lipstick Sets

Kylie is releasing this set in both her Matte Liquid Lipstick and Velvet Liquid Lipstick formulas. While the matte formula dries down completely, giving you that classic, Kylie-lip, the velvet formula is softer on the lips, and, while it does not dry down completely, it is long lasting, and comfortable to wear throughout the day. The set will include the shades Naked, a light, nude shade that will create a barely-there lip look, Birthday Suit, a darker nude that’s perfect for making your lips look naturally perfect (lip fillers are optional), Commando, a light terracotta shade, and Bare, a classic pale pink that you probably already have in your collection, but is hard to resist.

Two Super Glitter Glosses

Just in case you were worried about not glowing enough with her Ultra Glow Loose Highlighters, Kylie is releasing two new “super” glitter glosses, that are sure to give you that Bratz Doll aesthetic. Glamour, is a bronzey shade, while Glitz is in the trendy, beloved-by-basics rose gold shade.

The Wet Set

This highlighting palette goes to show that you can never have too many highlights. Really. Kylie never wants you to stop buying her highlighters. This palette includes the shades Privacy Please, a silver, Unbothered a light gold, Do Not Disturb a rose gold, and Get-a-way a bronze. While this palette is definitely all the highlighter shades a normal person needs, I’m not a normal person, and will continue to buy more and more unnecessary shades.

Skinny Dip Face Duo Bronzer & Highlighter

This mini set is the perfect way for you to get your Kardashian-Kontoured look, with a duo of a bronzer and a highlighter. Coincidentally, the makeup brand Jouer has a highlighter collection also named Skinny Dip that fans are already drawing comparisons to.

Kylie has confirmed that the products will be available in a box set, that includes all of the products listed above. I’m sure that, based off of previous launches, the items will be available individually, as well as (hopefully) in smaller sets. There’s no word yet on pricing, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that we don’t blow all of the money we would have otherwise spent on patio drinks on this collection.

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