Kylie’s Valentine’s Day Collection Gives You Something To Look Forward To On Your Day Alone

Find True Love This Valentine’s Day With Kylie Cosmetics New Collection

Honestly, instead of preparing for the holidays, I now prepare for the latest holiday-themed launch from Kylie Cosmetics. This past December she released a massive 2016 Holiday Collection that had every makeup lover asking Santa to ensure that there was a fur stocking and lip kit ornaments on the tree on Christmas morning. On Halloween she released the Trick lip kit, a deep emerald green that I’m not even sure Kylie herself could pull off. For her birthday in August (which, if King Kylie had her way, would also be a national holiday), she released an all-gold collection, just celebrating herself. Trust me, if I could make money off of my own birthday, I would too. On the 4th of July, she released two blue kip kits because nothing says “All American” like a blue lip.

Just when you thought that you, and your bank account, was taking a break from Kylie Cosmetics; the youngest Jenner sister previewed a new, huge, Valentine’s Day collection. All of the products are pink, girly and romantic, with metallic red packaging. While not all of the collection is that different from some of her other products, it’s limited edition… so I have to have it (and you do too).

The collection drops on February 2nd, at 3pm PST. Set an alarm, since every basic bitch and their boyfriends, who risk not getting laid on v-day if they don’t snag something from the collection, will be fighting to get their hands on the products.

Two Lip Kits

What would a launch be without the OG of all of the products? Valentine, is a hot, Barbie pink shade, and Head over Heels is a burgundy with gold sparkles. Both products come with a liquid lipstick and the matching lip liner. The packaging is gorgeous – Kylie replaced the shade of the classic lip kit on the box (which is usually the same color as the kit inside) with a sparkly, bright red shade. On the back of the box, there is a To/From section, exactly like the store bought Valentine’s Day cards you received in elementary school…except so much better.

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A Set of Minis

The sets of minis have become a classic feature of every one of Kylie’s collections. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the world of liquid lipsticks, but not yet ready to commit to the lifestyle of Kylie-lips just yet. The set includes classic shades Maliboo, Posie K, and Mary Jo K, and newbies Apricot, a peach that will go perfectly with the craze of peach-toned shades released this year, and High Maintenance, a dusty rose shade that’s name and color go perfectly with your aesthetic.

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Kylie’s Diary Palette

I hate the name and idea of this. The idea of a diary makes me feel as though the product is marketed to middle schoolers (which to an extent it is – girls that age are terrifying, and much better at makeup than I am). However, the shades inside, are actually pretty cute and, as we’ve been taught, it’s whats on the inside that counts. The eyeshadow palette contains a mix of metallic and matte shades; all given cutesy names: Bae, Heart Breaker, Make Me Blush, Sweet Like Candy, Love Potion, Be Mine, Heart Eyes, Romance, and Loves Me Not. Excitingly, this palette also contains her first two blush shades: First Date and Virginity… I wonder what Kylie was trying to imply by putting these two shades directly beside each other?


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Three Valentine’s Kits

These are a sweet idea for the girl who doesn’t know how to buy makeup, or for the clueless boyfriend who doesn’t know how to buy it. Each kit contains two mini lip products, as well as two eyeshadows, all of which are complimentary, and would look cute together. The Kiss Me kit contains Dirty Peach and Poppin Gloss, and Sweet Thing and Main Squeeze eyeshadows. The Sweet Heart kit contains Dolce and Literally Gloss, and Baby and Love Letter eyeshadows. Finally, the Smooch kit contains Gorge and Damn Gina Gloss, and Poison Berry and In Love eyeshadows. They’re a sweet idea if you’re not willing to commit to the cost of the whole collection, or to the person that you’re going to give this to (true love springs for the full size).

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So excited.

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