The Ultimate Bachelorette Drinking Game To Play While Scrolling Through Instagram


There’s nothing better than a good ol’ Bachelor/Bachelorette drinking game. But what’s a girl to do when she still wants to drink to the antics of wannabe-reality TV stars, who are “there for the wrong reasons,” but it isn’t Monday night? Luckily for us, for most of these guys on this season’s Bachelorette, boosting their number of Instagram followers is more important to them than winning Rachel’s heart, and staging their “perfect” Instagram presence is their top priority. What’s the guy-equivalent of Fit Tea?

Instead of creeping your ex, and his new girlfriend for the millionth time, stalk through some of Rachel’s potential lovers and pop open a bottle of wine – it’s going to be a long night.

One Sip

  • Every time something to do with fitness is posted. I think there may be more video footage from Instagram videos of these guys squatting than there is actual footage from this season’s Bachelorette.

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  • Whenever a blurry screenshot from the episode is posted. Did none of you take any photos while you were actually filming?
  • Take a sip for every rose emoji found in a contestant’s bio. Finish your drink if they use a rose beside their name as well.
  • Whenever the hashtag #roseboys is used. #giveitup

    Room Trey #thebachelorette #love #MIA #roseboys #brothersforlife #S13🌹#ishouldbuttonup 🙈#getittogetherbryan

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  • Every time one of these guys posts a “throwback” to the first night. Your entrance was awkward and regardless of how much you spent on your penguin costume, there’s no reason to remind people of it.
  • For every picture Diggy posts of his shoes.
  • Whenever a contestant has “Personal Trainer” or “Motivational Speaker” as a career in their bio. Finish the bottle if they have both.

Two Sips

Finish Your Drink

Do you accept this rosé?

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